Strike the Blood - Volume 17 - The Broken Holy Spear

Out of the Dark

[en] Out of the Dark Tor Books
David Weber,

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest - Volume 11

[en] Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest - Volume 11 J-Novel Club
Takaya-ki, Ningen, DxS, Shirakome Ryo,

The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy - Volume 02

[Dracula 04] • Thorn

[en] [Dracula 04] • Thorn Tor Books
Saberhagen, Fred,

[Chicagoland Vampires 07] • House Rules

[en] [Chicagoland Vampires 07] • House Rules Penguin Group (USA)
Neill, Chloe,

[Dark Protectors 12] • Guardian's Grace


[en] Crush Entangled: Teen
Wolff, Tracy,

The Executive's Bloodline

[en] The Executive's Bloodline Leeanna White
White, Leeanna,

[Vampire Knitting Club 11] • Diamonds and Daggers

[Forgotten Brotherhood 03] • Burning Ash

[Kitty Norville 16] • Kitty's Mix-Tape

[en] [Kitty Norville 16] • Kitty's Mix-Tape Tachyon Publications
Vaughn, Carrie,

[Soulbound 05] • On The Wings Of War

That Girl is Poison

[en] That Girl is Poison Latin Goddess Press, Inc.
Taiden, Milly,

Darker Edge of Desire

[en] Darker Edge of Desire Cleis Press
Szereto, Mitzi,

[Two Halves 01] • Two Halves Box Set

[Stake Sauce 01] • The Secret Ingredient Is Love. No, Really

Major Arcana

[en] Major Arcana The Kraken Collective
Sylver, RoAnna,

[Shadow World 07] • Shadow Rising

[Shadow World 05] • Shadowbound